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"We feel like we have a garage again! "

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Unique Garage Storage In Post Falls

We know that every garage storage need is different, so we created a system that allows for individuality. From shelves to cabinets, overhead racks to flooring, we have all the products that allow you to create the best garage storage Post Falls has to offer. Let our trained professionals help you create a garage storage system that is tailored to you!

Our Garage Storage Solutions

Without an organization system in effect in your garage, it’s not surprising how quickly a garage can become cluttered and disorganized. We enjoy looking outside the box to help our customers find hidden storage space without breaking the bank.

  • Utilize Forgotten Spaces: See your floor again by getting everything off the floor! We use your walls, the space above a door, or the ceiling to store your items.
  • Flexible: Your storage needs are not set in stone, meaning they are subject to change as the years pass. We created a system that you can easily adjust to meet your storage needs when they change.
  • Low Maintenance: Quit spending so much time cleaning out your garage with our easy-to-clean storage system. By getting everything off the floor, you’ll find that your garage stays clean much longer.

Your Garage Solutions:

  • Garage Shelving – Store your items on our sturdy shelves, holding up to 1,000 lbs for every 4 feet of shelving. That’s a lot of stuff!
  • Garage Cabinets – Store your more expensive or dangerous items away from curious fingers in our secure cabinets.
  • Overhead Garage Storage – Utilize the space above your head with storage racks, perfect for seasonal or long-term storage.
  • Garage Flooring – Give your garage that professional look you’ve always loved!

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Garage Storage Post FallsHow It Works:

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